Creating an inclusive environment

Organizations that are successful in creating an inclusive environment – an atmosphere in which all people feel valued and respected and have access to the same opportunities – will have a necessary advantage to successfully profit from this. We help individuals, teams and organizations to create an inclusive environment that enables them to gain ownership and commitment to achieving results.

Organizations are traditionally strong in setting strategic goals, organizing processes and shaping working methods, functions and consultation structures.

Employees are the bedrock

However, what is often forgotten is that in the end it is the employees who make the organization successful. Only when they feel seen, heard and appreciated does a corporate culture emerge that is characterized by high energy and creativity – hard conditions which need to be fulfilled to be able to follow the pace of technological innovation and to develop new business models.

The consequence of this lack of attention for the “human factor” is that in many organizations there is a corporate culture which lacks energy, one which is characterized by a lack of initiative, mutual distrust, conformism and maintaining the status quo.

We also call such a culture “toxic.” Employees who have been working in it for a long time often seem to have accepted such a toxic environment as something which is and will not change. In addition, as a result of our human need for acceptance and safety, new employees generally adapt quickly to such a toxic culture.

Our 4 pillars

Breaking through a self-reinforcing negative corporate culture requires courage – first and foremost from top management. They must dare to steer towards an inclusive work culture based on four pillars:

Trust is the key to building strong relationships in every environment.

Open interaction between people, giving feedback, being able to speak out.

Means not being afraid of interpersonal frictions, a collegial attitude is a precondition to be able to hold each other accountable and to develop strong team relationships and dynamics.

The catalyst of intelligence is based on intellectual and emotional harmony. The inherent ability to both feel and reason.

The Inclusion model

The Inclusion Partners model is a reliable compass which provides guidance to create such an inclusive corporate culture in which employees feel safe, respected and allow everyone to be authentic in their daily working life. By following this path, organizations ensure a strong foundation for further growth and innovation.

Our services

We have two main focus areas:

  • Inclusive culture creation
  • Executive search

Inclusive culture creation

We support and advise organizations in discovering where they stand and where they want to go with regard to inclusiveness, the tailor-made design, development and the roll-out of D&I frameworks that accompany it. Including amongst other our (tailor-made) services are as follows:

  • (Executive) dialogue sessions
  • Retention programs
  • Inclusion monitor (Where do we stand and where would we like to make adjustments)
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Inclusive Leadership Accelerator

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Executive search

Wij werken met organisaties met als doel om ze niet alleen in contact te brengen met top-talent die passend is met hun bedrijfsculturen en strategische doelen maar ook om ze te ondersteunen met de onboarding, ontwikkeling en doorstroom van talenten op de langere termijn. Naast executive search mbt inclusieve leiderschapstalenten, specialiseren we ook op vrouwelijk en bi-cultureel talent. Wij geloven dat vrouwelijke en bi-cultureel talenten organisatorisch success bevorderen door diversiteit van gedachten en manieren van samenwerking in te brengen in boardrooms en organisatie breed.

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Towards an inclusive company culture

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