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Executive Search

At Inclusion Partners, we are specialized in helping our clients attract diverse C-suite talent. Our diverse global network is outstanding and always evolving. We have over 20 years of experience in serving our Financial services and Technology & Communications clients.

Building a workforce where everyone regardless of gender, culture and background can thrive and help to achieve the set strategic direction, is where we want to add value. Finding the scarce talent that fit the context of a company is a strategic imperative for future success.

Retained vacancy-based search assignments

Thanks to our specialization we have manage to build a deep, broad and diverse global network of C-suite talent. Therefore, we always can guarantee a diverse slate of candidates for each executive search assignment we accept to work on.

Strengthen your succession planning

The demand for diverse C-suite talent is very high and the supply is low. Companies can achieve a strategic advantage by building the leadership pipeline of the future. Key for success is having a good insight on succession planning and coordinated collaboration with the key stakeholders, mostly board members and HR.

Success factors

Our approach is meticulous
Our briefings are extensive
We are transparent the whole process
We are discrete
We execute and deliver!

Connecting you to tomorrow’s leaders

Towards an inclusive company culture

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