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Board advisory

In the growing geo-political playing field, leaders need to have a holistic scope to connect the dots between, purpose-sustainability-inclusion, to cope with short term challenges against medium- and long-term uncertainties.

Beyond the rule book of regulation and shareholder demands, sustainable corporate success means causing the economy and society to flourish. This means anticipating the impact of geopolitical, technological, industrial trends and societal dynamics that can both impact the business environment and direct business perspectives.


Boardroom alignment

We help leadership teams to build awareness and create a holistic scope to better align strategy-culture-workforce (SCW). Alignment is an imperative for successful transformations and key to realizing goals. Without alignment of SCW, execution & implementation of strategy will stagnate or even worse fail.

The 3 step alignment model:

  • Organizational: SCW gap analysis
  • Team: TTA analysis (Trust-Transparency-Accountability); making the undercurrent tangible.
  • Individual: Self-reflection; becoming aware of our self defense mechanisms

Alignment sessions; connecting the dots and closing the gaps

Dialogue sessions

An inclusive organization benefits from connection and a free space: a space for ‘diversity of thoughts’. Always keep ‘the fire burning’: this prevents the pursuit of an inclusive organization from becoming entangled in policies and rules and disappearing to the bottom of the agenda. By means of dialogue sessions we help our clients to achieve an inclusive culture to ensure diversity in terms of both mindset and external characteristics (origin, gender, orientation, etc.)

Leadership branding

We help diverse leadership talent better understand how they are perceived in the market and work on further developing their personal brand. This will help to position themselves better in the market, boost their self-confidence, increase their visibility and boost their career perspectives

Connecting Board members to workforce

Alignment of Board and the workforce is key to having the set goals realized in the given timeframe. Successful execution and implementation are, among others, depended on non-filtered information flow and thus trust and transparency top-down and bottom-up.

Connecting Board members to diversity

In day-to-day business, the schedules of board members are packed, and they have ample time to meet diverse talent. There is an experience- and knowledge gap between top management and diverse talent. A prerequisite to close this gap, is the ability to reflect on your own bias by sharing your knowledge and experience with these next gen leaders with diverse backgrounds.

We organize small round table dialogue sessions to connect board members and next gen leaders with diverse backgrounds. These small and discrete settings are a chance for leaders to reflect on dilemma’s and get more diverse perspectives.

Connecting you to tomorrow’s leaders

Towards an inclusive company culture

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