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Hayat Chidi

About Hayat Chidi

After Hayat Chidi finished the Candidate School at the Dutch Police Academy, she has worked for a decade as a manager (primary police process, Criminal Investigation and Service), assistant public prosecutor and official secretary of the police force.
In those years, Hayat has gained insights into dealing with diversity, both in her own organization and on the street while working.

Since 2010, Hayat has been providing training and tailor-made advice from her own company:

how complex is a diverse society?
do you need a diverse team to deal with diversity ‘outside’?
what capacities and qualities can be tapped into a diverse team?
how do you manage diversity?

Since 2018, Hayat has been an external teacher at the Police Academy, at the Foreigners Police Unit.
She has knowledge and expertise of social developments and challenges with regard to the multicultural society.
She also holds various management positions and is a member of a Supervisory Board (profit and non-profit)


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