Disrupting the Ego-system in corporate environments

Disrupting the Ego-system in corporate environments 1275 775 The Inclusion Partners

In times of need for new business models and large complex transformations, there is also a need for leaders with a new profile. We should not only look at how to disrupt the old business models but also transform the way we manage, develop, retain and grow our workforce. The cultural element in this process is one we should not neglect.

It is imperative to have a resilient workforce in order to manage a successful transformation. To achieve this you need strong leadership that engages the workforce and is transparent in its goals. You need to build a culture of trust and an environment where everyone works together. Disrupting an ego-system can only be done when above mentioned is taking into account. If the ego of a prima donna in your organisation is negatively effecting the team spirit and disrupting the culture of your organisation, then eliminating that person from your organisation could be the best option.

Dysfunctional teams are often caused by the ego of the manager or leader and lead to toxic environments. In these environments there is a lack of trust, no room to work through conflicts and a lack of commitment. In the end the common goal is lost, resulting in not achieving the set targets, high burn rates and the disintegration of teams.

New leaders who are successful in managing this transformation from a traditional way of working to a new disruptive model which includes a multidimensional approach to developing the workforce and aligning culture in this process, will create an inclusive and agile workforce. In other words; we will see a movement from an ego-system to an eco-system.

In an eco-system you will see collaboration, synergy, symbiosis, creativity and innovation. All important factors for creating new innovative disruptive business models and an inclusive culture. New leaders with a high degree of awareness, passion, authenticity and confidence, will be able to built, maintain and further develop an eco-system. An ego-system lives in the past. An eco-system lives in the now!

Adnan Basaran, Founder Kamran International

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