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Leontien Dekker

About Leontien Dekker

Leontien is a theologian and has followed courses at Nyenrode Business University. She has extensive experience in training conversation leaders and supervising various types of conversations and dialogue forms. She advises and guides organizations on issues of identity and purpose. And in recent years she has used that experience from more managerial and leadership roles. For her, her interest in the question of how to have the right conversation in organizations is closely related to issues of diversity and inclusion.

Characteristic for her way of working is that she can observe sharply and always connects her observations with what is of value. She connects her vision with analyses and brings the big story into focus. Discovering new perspectives and unlocking meanings by putting them into words, that is characteristic of Leontien’s way of working. As a theologian, she is trained to tell a good story and to be an inspiring leader. At Nyenrode she learned to speak the business language. With both tools in her backpack, imagination and analytical skills, she gives direction and space to processes and organizations.


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