Marian van Offeren

About Marian van Offeren

Marian has worked for sixteen years for a communications consultancy company, as a personal assistant, project manager, HR manager and coach. That is how she became familiar with all areas of entrepreneurship.

Thanks to her analytical skills, she quickly sees what needs to be done. Marian has a practical and creative attitude and works in an organised and structured way. In doing so she supports you by taking a big weight off your shoulders!

“I believe that focus contributes to success and growth. As an entrepreneur you are busy with many other things than selling your product or performing your service. Examples such as administration, project management, marketing and maintaining social media, agenda, email, website, etc take time and energy which divert focus from your customers. I am happy to take these matters off your hands so that you create room to focus on what led you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. “


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Marian van Offeren

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