Tanya van der Leur

About Tanya van der Leur

Tanya is happiest when she is creating inclusive and agile organizations, so that people can develop their qualities and enjoy working on things that matter. She does this primarily from line and change management roles and as a facilitator of dialogue and team development. She quickly feels at home in new environments or where a lot needs to be done, where she can help an organization move forward by creating cooperation and connection.

Tanya was born in Dublin, Ireland. In January 2001 she moved to the Netherlands for a position at the head office of the company where she worked. She has been working in the Netherlands for over 18 years, which now feels like home.

She worked at Rabobank Group for almost 20 years. There she held various expert and managerial positions and was responsible for various multidisciplinary and global change projects. In 2019 Tanya decided to start her own company and is now affiliated with The Inclusion Partners.

Tanya studied financial services and graduated as an accountant. In addition, she is a certified Agile Product Owner, Trusted Person and Agile coach. Her areas of expertise are mainly Finance, Control, Risk and Compliance.


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